Private training sessions are customized to the player’s individual goals, needs and skill levels. The player will receive one-on-one coaching and demonstrations of all techniques and be provided with a complete assessment. In addition, ongoing evaluations will be used to track progress and results. Collaboration with the player’s current coach will be an essential tool to ensure areas of focus are consistent with the on-the-field and off-the-field training for the player.

Semi-private training takes place in small group sessions made up of (6) players. Areas of focus: Speed and Agility, Attacking and Defense, Strikers and Midfielders, and Core Strengthening & Flexibility.

2’s & 3’s Soccer Free Play is a fun introduction to soccer by providing an environment for group play. Toddlers will have the opportunity to learn and develop their foot coordination through beginner ball handling techniques. Play groups are welcome or sign up as an individual for a class and meet new friends!

3’s & 4’s Soccer Cranksters focuses on the fundamentals of soccer. Sessions will include trapping, dribbling, passing, shooting and working together as a group. 3v3 non-competitive scrimmages will take place in each session to build the confidence of each child.

The C.R.A.N.K. Tank is an area for players ages 5 & up to apply the skills and techniques learned in their weekly sessions by participating in 3v3 scrimmages. Scrimmage sessions are 60 minutes in duration, with up to (5) games per session. Players will be grouped based on age groups.